Fulton & Fulton, S.C. has a wide experience and professionalism on civil and mercantile litigation.

Our attorneys, specialized on regulations and procedures regarding litigation, keep daily track on any change this regulations might have, providing this way the most complete advisory on all type of procedures, risk prevention, negotiations, defense and representation, regardless of our client being defendant or plaintiff.

In order to deliver the best service, our litigation’s department structure is formed by civil and mercantile divisions that offer the following, among other, services:

• Civil Law
Prevention, monitoring, negotiation and pursuance of all types of actions and administrative or judicial procedures involving civil regulations as well as matters concerning persons, family, goods, obligations and rights, successions, etc.

• Mercantile Law
Advisory on all mercantile aspects such as societies, contracts and mercantile institutions, bankruptcy and chapter 13, marine commerce, commercial arbitration, as well as mercantile judicial procedures among others.

• Commercial Arbitration
Thanks to our firm’s specialization, we offer a wide advisory on commercial arbitration affairs and procedures. We act before international organizations such as the International Chamber of Commerce, International Court of Arbitration, Interamerican Commission of Commercial Arbitration, etc.