Intellectual property rights are among any modern society everyday and on every situation.

In Fulton & Fulton, S.C. we keep up to date with all the discoveries and advances that the technology and culture produce everyday -for example the Internet, multimedia, software, etc.-, making us a state-of-the-art firm.

Each and everyone of our attorneys and back office personnel have as a primary objective and goal to provide the necessary legal advisory and services to protect and register, in an optimal way, all creations, discoveries and changes or improvements authors and creators have to offer.

Inventions, patents, trademarks, brands, designs, distinctive signs, geographic or commercial indications, copyrights, etc.; besides, we can carry on any trial regarding licenses, rights transmissions and cessions, cancellations, infractions and administrative sanctions, in Fulton & Fulton, S.C. we provide complete support and advisory to our clients.

Our clients count on every element needed to boost their creative soul and mind by letting us promote and impulse their creative activity and protecting it against harmful acts of third parties.